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A total commitment to Safety.

Fairway strives to employ the safest drivers on the road. In pursuit of this goal, each driver’s record and work history is carefully reviewed before he or she is considered for a position in our fleet.  Additionally, as a company we take every possible step to ensure that our drivers and lease owners are well educated in both current and new DOT regulations as well as safety best practices.  Fairway is proud to offer our drivers a safety rewards program because we believe that as a company, we are only as good as our drivers on the road and that safety begins and ends with our drivers. 
Management Policy Statement on Safety.

Fairway Transport L.L.C. is cognizant of the fact that employee safety is the most important consideration in the planning and operation of all facility activities.  Safety is essential for employee welfare, morale, and employee relations.  With this in mind, management has decided to establish a comprehensive Safety Program within all departments and at all levels of activity.  Realizing that accident prevention requires a continued effort and participation of employees, it is the firm policy of Fairway Transport L.L.C. that no part of our job will be so important that we cannot take time to do it safely.  Emphasis will be on mutually finding ways to operate accident free, on-time, and economically; and not to permit safety to become a crutch for slack or inefficient operations.  The success of our Safety Program depends on the safety and well-being of our employees and their families.  Therefore, it is imperative that workplace hazards be identified, appropriately evaluated, and effectively controlled.


To achieve our safety objectives, management will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local requirements or appropriate industry standards.


The full support of all employees is essential to the effectiveness of our Safety Program.  Each employee has an obligation to cooperate fully in the program by helping to protect himself and fellow employees.

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